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the letter

the letter fluttered to the floor
he didn't remember letting go
the words had pierced his heart
slicing his very world apart
in this age of technology
her thoughts eliciting misery
she had taken the time to write
each stroke driving away the light
memories tainted with knowledge of this end
locked in the letter she had to send
he blinks away the pain inside
pushing it down, willing it to hide
and then he's calm as he bends down
gently taking the letter from the ground

The song? Well, I was reading abbagirl's LJ and she had this song on and I went to iTunes and gave in to the part of me that likes The Partridge Family. (It's a very small part of me!) I've always liked this song. Even though it's soooo 70s. LOL! Oh well!

I'm not sure where the poem came from but the idea of it started yesterday. And so it goes. LOL!

I've posted a lot today! It's all the pictures, eh? LOL! I should have consolidated. I suppose I could still do it. But I won't.

Oh, congratulations to Barry Zito on making the All Star Team!!! Bummer none of the other A's are going. :( No Swisher, no Crosby, no Street. Sad. :P

I'm taking so many pictures of my dogs. Think they're sick of me? LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry
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