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nowhere to go

the skies are open
blue far and wide
the sun shines warm
blazing high and bright
not a touch of breeze
to stir the summer air
just find some shade
pass the time there
oh lovely days so long
with minutes slow
let me savor these moments
with nowhere to go...

Saffy checking out the Sidekick...

We sold our other house! Now I can say how much I loved our house in Salida. I did. The tile floors so cool and the air conditioning so loud. LOL! And the smaller backyard so green and shady. I miss it a bit. I always felt sad when I went back there and it was empty and cool. It still felt like home somehow. And now it's not. Ah well, such is life, eh?

The picture above was taken with my "new" phone which isn't actually new but part of our collection and one I hadn't used yet. It's the Nokia 6682 and it's actually a smartphone, so I can kinda use it like a PDA. The camera is good, eh? Better than the Sidekick, I think. LOL! The Nokia itself is pretty sweet. I like it much, even though it's a bit bigger than the Samsung I used. :)

And okay, I resisted the Sony camera I saw yesterday, but we went to Best Buy again today (we're crazy, I know!) and we ended up liking a different camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1. It has a 10x optical zoom, which is something I really wanted this time around. I'm just not sure I want to do the dSLR thing quite yet (I don't think my photography skills call for such a camera right now), so the hubby convinced me that this was a better fit. And I think it is! It's more compact, though obviously not as stylish in looks as my little thin Sony camera. I'm going to have fun taking pictures with this camera, especially at baseball games. ;)

one of my votive holders...

It's always fun learning new gadgets and it'll be fun learning while I'm off this month. :) I'm going to take lots of doggie pictures I'm sure!

Saffy with those scary eyes...

I need to figure out how to get rid of animal green eyes. It just looks slightly evil, eh?
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