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they stand in their spots

they stand together
alone in their thoughts
the world moves around them
they stand in their spots
take them for strangers
you might be wrong
taking them for friends
won't be the truth for long
will they turn together
hand in hand as they walk away
or will they step apart
one leaving as the other stays?

I should take pictures of the Sidekicks in our house. They really are cute devices. I'm wondering if I like the Sidekick enough to leave behind my super excellent Treo and my Samsung T809 (which was my T-Mobile phone). I do love the whole IM thing and the email is pretty rockin' too, in spite of the keeping track of space thing. :P Okay, and I can't create ringtones myself. Another drawback of sorts.

Sidekick photo - me in my new sunglasses!

Yeehaw, I got new sunglasses! I think they're super cute. A bit on the expensive side, but what the heck, eh? LOL! :P I also bought a pair of jeans and some shirts. A little shopping is a nice way to spend the late afternoon. LOL!

We also checked out Best Buy and I saw the Sony DSC-H5 and now I want it. Ugh! I'm such a tech geek. Oh the joy! LOL!

My baseball boys are disappointing me at the moment. Alas.
Tags: babble, poetry
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