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such a breeze so sweet

such a breeze so sweet
a refreshing relief
from the long hot days
of summer's sway
such a feeling so free
outside and inside deep
from the confines of time
released into possibilities divine...

My last day of work DRAGGED! I finished up some work, packed up my office, shred a stack of paper, and got dusty after the desk was taken away. Productive, eh?

I'm so glad to be OFF! Just a month. Then back to work. But the days stretch before me and I wonder what I will do. Hopefully I do some unpacking and relaxing. It could happen. LOL! Especially the relaxing. ;)

The hubby got his Sidekick 3. And I'm jealous. LOL! I'm testing out the Sidekick 2. And if I like it well enough, I might just get a S3 too. ;) We shall see. Who knows! :) I know I do like the fact that I can text to my Canadian friend and it doesn't cost as an "international" text. LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry
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