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he sings a lonesome song

he sings a lonesome song
of heavy hearts
and beer filled bottles
while she twirls her glass
on the high table
the crowd moves along
the chatter fills the air
no one pays mind
to her listless sighs
and shining eyes
his voice is low and deep
soothing in its sorrow
so bittersweet
so aching
exactly in line
with her soul
just slightly lost
just for the moment
she ponders a second drink
so he sings a lonesome song
filled with heavy hearts
and half filled bottles of beer
while she twirls her empty glass
just once more
and one tear glides gently
down her cheek

I have one more day of work. Isn't that just wonderful?! :D I know, I shouldn't brag, eh? But I can't help but say how lovely it will be to have one whole month off. The folks at work keep warning me that the beginning of the school year is going to be crazy, that I'll have lines out the door, etc. We shall see. I'm sure I can handle it. I hope. But I have a whole month to not worry about such things! :D

My A's won today. Extra innings. And only because SOMEONE blew the save. Bah! But at least they won. :P
Tags: babble, poetry
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