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when your lips touch mine

when your lips touch mine
it's like fire up my spine
spreading quick
beneath my skin
anticipation running
sweet within
then your fingertips
so light on my face
such a tease
before the embrace
why is it so easy
falling into you
so simple, so right
the only thing to do

It was a cooler day today. Thank goodness! it even rained a bit. More like spit. LOL!

I'm so ready to do the whole month off thing! I need to pack up my desk because they're going to do the floors in my office. I have so much CRAP all over the place. It's very disorganized. I dunno what it's going to look like after the floors are done. LOL!

The hubby ordered his Sidekick 3 last night at 9:02pm (midnight Eastern time). Lucky him! I get to try out the "old" Sidekick when he gets the new one. I guess I just need to figure out if I want to give up the Treo. I think I want a new Treo, but it will be awhile before that will happen. Bah!

My A's are disappointing me! Ugh! And the game isn't even over yet. ::sigh::
Tags: babble, poetry
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