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shattered across the heavens

between the shady satin fall
slivers of moonlight beam
casting silver upon the shadows
the cool breeze slips sweetly in
stilling the senses with awareness
the slight chill of night
the full bloom of fragrant summer
starlit dreams whisper
come forth
let the mist embrace you
let the blossoms entice you
feel the cool earth each step
feast your eyes up
to the velvet of night
to the twinkle of light
shattered across the heavens

My blue nail polish, my ring, deviled eggs in reflection, my anniversary ring...

Cool, eh?

80s night at AT&T Park... Bobby, Swish, Chavez, Blanton (!), Kendall

Those throwback uniforms were too cute. ;)

The new user pic is courtesy wahlee. Many thanks, m' dear! Tis most LOVELY. :D

The main office was broken into during the weekend. One person from the forensics unit came to dust the place for prints and pick up some juice bottles left by the culprits. That's right, the breaking and entering criminals left their bottles behind. Hullo, doesn't anyone watch tv these days? Think there might be any usable prints on those things? Geez. CHILDREN! (Because you know they had to be kids.) It's just disappointing, the lack of respect demonstrated. What the hell do you think you're going to get at the main office of a school? It's such a violation of trust. Alas.
Tags: poetry, shots, yvhs
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