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my goddess name

Got this from a myspace friend. ;)

Your goddess name, what is it?

Evangeline (pronounced 'ee-van-jell-ine'). Your goddess name would be Evangeline. You love creativity, and the arts. You are a daydreamer, and sometimes to yourself. Element: air earth Power: illusions Quote: "Creativity starts at the heart."
Take this quiz!

I think it's terrible having a cold during a heatwave. It just doesn't make sense! I feel like I won't do much today except watch baseball and rugby. Let's go A's! Let's go All Blacks!!! :D I'm a sporty kind of gal. I hide it deep inside. LOL!

Dan Carter of the All Blacks

One more, during practice

But really, I'll watch any rugby as long as it's the All Blacks. I don't just watch for the cute boy. Truly! :D
Tags: all blacks, babble, meme
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