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so confident in your skin

You're so sure
so confident in your skin
You think you know it
all of it
everything out there
You're so certain
so self assured in your stance
You think it's all there
all for the taking
just for you alone
You stroll along
you swagger with a smile
so eager and open
hiding nothing in your hands
hiding everything in your eyes
You believe you have it
the key to the secret
the answer to the mystery
You know the way ahead
you venture on
never looking back
so confident in your skin

I should go to bed! I don't feel good and I'm tired. And the a/c is on at 1:40am! Wowsers! Yikes, according to, it's 72 degrees. Ye gods!

Still online. Still "away." Just had to say it.

My big dog is asleep in here with me. I'm not sure what the other dogs are doing. I'm afaid to get up because that will rile them up. Wherever they are. LOL!

Got this from bitchtude, who got it from surabufix:

The Sloganator

Go to the website and enter in your name and see what your slogan is! DONT CHEAT - paste the first one they give you :)

Tags: poetry
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