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are you scared

Are you scared?
I'm innocent
I won't hurt you
deep inside
Why so shy?
I'm quiet and nice
only sweet words
spill from my lips
Don't you want to come closer?
I'm soft to the touch
gentle to hold
easy on the senses
Won't you smile?
I see the twinkle
sparkling in your eyes
waiting to light
Have you something to say?
I'd love to hear my name
slip from your tongue
deep and ever warm
Are you scared?
I won't turn away
I'll stand my ground
just take a chance

The game ended with the A's winning. I love my boys. :) And they love me. LOL!

I've already said this, but it was DAMN HOT again today! Meltingly hot. It wasn't so bad at work (I think my office is in a good spot), but coming home was a drive of slight misery. I don't want to run the a/c too high because I don't want the car to overheat, but it makes for a sucky ride. And I need to change the CDs in that car. I might have hit my limit with Rachel Stevens and Emma Bunton and my country mix. LOL!

And I haven't done a meme in a bit:

Your 1950s Name is:

Yvonne Vivian
Tags: meme, poetry
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