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you're off your game

you're off your game
concentration eludes you
where's the difference
what's the change
you've lost control now
the finesse is gone
the results almost laughable
if it didn't hurt so much
you're slipping away
your grip loosening
where's the smooth motion
where's the magic in your touch
something has taken you
something has stolen you
it's the cloud of commitment
hovering in your denial
face the possibility
it's love that's the crutch
maybe it's time to consider
for the sake of your game
break free and let go
in those moments alone
lose the lady from your thoughts
let her go
keep her at bay
maybe then you'll find your way...

Mulder pitched and got ROCKED. The A's fared no better. But freakin' Mulder, he's breakin' my heart!!!

Kendall from Friday night

The dream clings to me, letting go only by little bits here and there. Lingering yet though.

Another HOT day. Ye gods! I found a fan in a closet at work. It helps. Truly! LOL! It might disappear with my desk in the summer, so I suppose I should find a fan for myself. I might do that.

I could have sworn I sent my friend an email and now I can't find it!!! Weird!

Off I go.
Tags: babble, poetry
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