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He's a face in a dream

He's a face in a dream
a voice in my head
eyes without seeing
He's a hand I can touch
an arm wrapped around me
a whisper falsely warm in my ear
He's a smile without intention
laughter bubbling inside
a twinkle for only this moment
He's a song unsung
a story untold
words lost to the stars
He's a face in a dream
an unreal memory
a figure in the mist...

Yes, school is OVER! And now I have two weeks of work to toil through. Today wasn't so bad. I did some prep work for the days coming, but I'm still waiting for grades to come in and get processed. Then it's going to suck. I'm trying to prepare myself for it.

I was complimented today on the job I've been doing so far. It was most wonderful to hear. I guess I'm putting up a good front of knowing what I'm doing, eh? ;) Still, it was nice that it was said. I keep thinking I'm going to get the "What the hell were you thinking?!" talk from someone. Hasn't happened yet. Maybe they want me to stay.

The weather was cool this morning but by three o'clock or so the air was hot at work. I need to bring a fan! Like it'll help to move around hot air, eh? :P The hills are now their golden color. The green is gone.

And the A's win streak was snapped today. Bastards! No, I'm not calling them bastards. But darn it to heck!!!

I want the new Sidekick 3. Aaaack!
Tags: poetry, slices, yvhs
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