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the long game...

oh sweet torture
time ticking slowly
dusk turning into dark
day's warmth to cool night
tied together
each moment the possibility
break this spell
win this game
never let this end...

First off, graduation. I didn't know any of the kids, but sitting there in the front row and listening to the speeches and performances, I was quite touched by their energy. Very sweet moments. I almost cried during one of the speeches. And it was exciting too. Their enthusiasm was infectious! :) Congratulations to the class of 2006!

the banner, the program, a song sung, presenting the class of 2006

It was an early day for me though. I woke up at 5:45am so that I could be at the Pavilion by 8am and they almost wouldn't let me park backstage! I had to turn off my car and open the back to show them the boxes. CRAZINESS!!! And pre-ceremony, I was mostly wandering about. I did help with some stuff, but I felt a bit lost. Hey, bringing the diplomas was enough for me! After the ceremony, I passed out diplomas with a few other ladies. That was organized because they only let ten kids in at a time. Nice. And then it was over. Yah!

The temperature had already climbed to the 90s by the time I got home. Still not as bad as yesterday. I got to cool down a bit before it was time to go to the A's/Dodgers game. I was excited for the game, of course. Another suite game!

Saarloos warming up, suite hosts, reflecting the field, the 17th inning...

My friends joined us for this one and we had a good time. The game zipped along the first nine innings, then time slipped into slow motion after the bottom of the 9th. Five hours and two minutes after start time, the game finally ended on a bases load walk to Bobby Crosby to score Scutaro for the winning run. The A's won, 5-4. YE GODS! Long ass game. But I still loved it. Such beautiful torture. :)
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