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melting outside

melting outside
simmering inside
nothing cool for relief
so bright outside
so heavy inside
the air ever so sweet
too much now
too much to handle
can't adjust quick enough
the heat of day
the warmth of night
making memories of spring's delight

It was HOT today. Like simmering sweaty hot. Like I can't breath hot. Triple freakin' digits in Concord (my place of work) and no a/c in our part of the school. YE GODS!!!

I spent the morning at the Pavilion for graduation rehearsal. I took pictures on my cell phone and I haven't posted them. Ooops. LOL! Rehearsal was fun to observe. One of the secretaries rode with me and then I hung out with one of the VPs while the kids did their walking and all of that. All in all, a decent morning. Afterwards, I had to pick up the programs. Then it was lunch time. LOL! And I really didn't want to do too much after that. It was too HOT.

I now have in my possession over 300 diplomas for the class of 2006. Scary, eh? LOL!

My A's are doing well at the moment. Zito has had 11 strikeouts. Go Zee-toe! :D
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