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sweet summer...

sweet summer
so close
almost touchable
almost breathable
the sun shines warmer
the skies clearer blue
sweet summer
washing over slowly
inch by inch
on the skin
seeping in
settling inside
to star tinged sultry nights
sweet summer
ready to entice
ready to begin
with long hot days
and a touch of sin

But nothing really happened. I guess I'm slightly stressing about the whole graduation thing. The programs weren't ready today and I have to pick them up tomorrow after rehearsal and then I must rememeber to take home the diplomas so that I can bring them to graduation on Saturday. Whew! Too much to do and I'm new!

Kendall sliding...

Yeah, that made me feel a little better. LOL!

Do I have enough Greg icons to fit the page of entries? Hmmm. LOL! I'm in a WGL mood at the moment. You know why if you're on my friends list. ;)

Oh dear me! Someone on the Dante's Cove yahoo group found one of the actors from the show on myspace! I wonder if anyone is going to say anything about... well... this actor's friends list. LOL!

And hmmm, I wonder if the one actor who is in the Dante's Cove yahoo group is going to speak up and mention that he is also on myspace. LOL! Funny goodness. Love it!

And must have a Bobby pic...

I would add a Mulder pic but I can't find one from today's game yet. Bah.

I guess I don't have much to say. LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry
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