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the breeze a tease

stuck inside this room
old floors
old walls
files crammed
tight in old drawers
one window open
the late spring air slips in
the breeze a tease
upon the senses
the birds chirp
along with the chatter
of the passers-by
and the trees sway
beneath the sunshine

I especially want graduation to be over so that I can start my real work. I hope I don't get too stressed about work next week and the week after. I know I'll be waiting impatiently for month's end. :P

I'm excited about graduation though. How fun it will be! I won't know any of the kids, but oh well! ;) I'll still have a nice time, I think.

Oh wow, it's 7-1, A's over the Mariners at the moment. Nice going boys!... And nice catches by Swisher and Kendall! Groovay!
Tags: babble, poetry
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