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silent now...

I'm silent now
but I see you
I want to catch your eye
I'm just afraid
of what you'll say
Am I forgotten
Are the moments long ago
merely memories
untouched by your thoughts
And so they might be
I'm silent now
I'm pretending we're strangers
once more...

Well, it's the last full day for the kids! I bet they're all itching for school to end. They got their yearbooks today. Will I be in next year's yearbook? Do they take pictures of the staff? I don't know where my yearbooks are, so I can't check. Bah. It'll be weird to be in a yearbook again. LOL!

It was a strange day. Kinda quiet. The skies were gray. No sunshine the whole day. At least not at work.

Oh my, doesn't play nice with Firefox. Bastards. I was in the middle of reading an article. Grrr!

My friend is online. I want to say hello. But I don't.

I'm sleepy already and I don't want to go to sleep yet. July cannot come too soon!!! I'm really looking forward to being off for a month. LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry
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