Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

there's a touch

there's a touch of cool
to the afternoon breeze
there's a touch of warm
to the sunlight's gleam
there's a hint of summer
to the blue skies above
there's a hint of laughter
to the beginning of this love
there's a promise made
with each word spoken
there's a twinkle in the eyes
and a willing heart open
there's a rush of warmth
not so easy to explain
there's a hush of mystery
keeping anticipation at bay

I feel as though these free days have passed so quickly. Alas!

Baseball was good to me today. ;) The A's swept the Yankees in New York! Too bad for Farnsworth today. But woohoo for my A's!!! Love them love them love them! And the Cardinals also won. All is good.

We cleaned up the house a bit today because the in-laws came to visit. I actually unpacked a box of my candle stuff! Now I can light my candles and enjoy their loveliness. LOL! I can't wait until we can buy more furniture for this place. Yah! I'll have more places to put my candles. ;)

I said hullo and no reponse. ::sigh::

I was going to proofread the graduation program and I haven't done that yet. I just don't want to do work at home. Know what I mean? :P

Ahhh, Bobby Crosby...
Tags: poetry, slices
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