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warm this weary soul

broken dreams
broken apart
despair embraces the beating heart
the promise shattered
the vow undone
will these eyes ever see the sun
darkness complete
darkness so free
feed the sorrow inside of me
the light flickers unreachable
the light shines so cold
nothing will ever warm this weary soul
broken dreams
broken apart
stopping the beat of this heart...

Truly, I do not despair as the words above might suggest. ;)

The Bob Hope Theatre, freeway squiggles, the Bob Hope Theatre again with the Fox sign in view, the road again...

Should I now confess that King of Queens is on the hubby's "the show I can watch anytime" list? You know, the show that you can just watch over and over and over. Mine is Coupling. KoQ is one of his. (He has more than one.)

Anyhoo, Kevin James was pretty good on stage last night. The Bob Hope Theatre is a nice venue. Beautiful inside. (Too bad they don't allow cameras! But yes, I brought mine. I just kept it in my purse.) We had great seats. I could see his facial expressions, so that's pretty good, eh? ;) I laughed a lot, so I would count that as a success. LOL! I don't even know how to do a rundown on his act. It was just weird seeing him LIVE after watching his show for all these years. He was cool, I liked his stuff. :)

Because I had a floating holiday I had to use, I chose today. I figured I wouldn't want to wake up for work after being out the night before. And I was right! I did get up at an early hour considering it was a non work day, wasted my time in Manteca, then came back home to do some grocery shopping before cleaning the house. Whew! And after all of that, I decided that I didn't want to do anything else. LOL! :)

My A's are kickin' ass right now in NY but it's in a rain delay. Alas. And Mulder decided to not have much control and give up 6 runs during his outing. He's now off the hook because the Cardinals have taken pity on him. Or something like that. Am I sounding mean towards my guy? Sorry my dear Mulder. :P

Mulder on the mound...

he just wasn't having a good day...

but I still heart him...

And while I was fiddling with my Mulder shots from today's game (still in progress?), the A's decided to give up four runs to the Yankees. It's now 6-5. Why do they want to hurt me so?! Ugh!

I can't believe I never posted any pics of the food I had at my cousin's house last weekend! I must remedy that:

all yummy!

All good food!!! Nice pics, eh? :D
Tags: poetry, shots, slices
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