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A fanfic meme from bitchtude.

1. What is your alias?
Kiari and Walelia are both names I've used mostly online. I did the Lady V thing when I was younger as well. ;)

2. How did you choose it?
Lady V was my teen alias for my poems and such. Kiari comes from my yet unwritten sci-fi epic. She's the main character of the epic and I decided to borrow the name when I started the Xena/Herc thing. Walelia is the Hawaiian version of my name.

3. What fandoms do you write for?
I actually first wrote a story set in the Star Trek The Next Generation universe, but most of my writing has been in the Xena/Herc universe with a little Dark Angel on the side. I'm starting to think I could do a Supernatural story. Hmmm. LOL!

4. What fics are you currently working on?
Alas, nothing in the works. When I think of writing, I think of writing my own stories. ;)

5. What fandom did you start in?
I had brief encounter with STTNG, but Ares from Xena/Hercules really did it for me. Oh, and Hades. :)

6. What is your deepest darkest fic-writing secret?
I write fanfic. LOL!

7. Do you have any quirks/habits in your writing?
I sometimes put real people in my stories who have nothing to do with the fandom. I like to converge my fandoms. ;)

8. Do you have any fanfiction pet peeves?
Too much canon tinkering. I like stories that have the possibility of happening but don't in canon. If that makes sense. ;)

9. Do you have an OTP?
Nope, not at all. :D

beyond the grip of time
beyond the stars above
beyond the gathering mist
beyond the hush of love
the mystery beckons
with cool and watchful eyes
curiosity tickles the senses
the secrets cannot hide
the truth will find its path
the truth will have its way
the truth will change the world
the truth will have its day

The Cardinals are now down 8-7 against the Reds. Freakin' Isringhausen! He gave up a homerun to Griffey. Alas. Will the Cardinals find a way to get the win? Let's hope so!

I need to iron some shirts for work. I got compliments on the blouse I wore today. Neat! :)
Tags: baseball, meme, poetry
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