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dreaming of him...

She's dreaming of him
does he know
does he hear her
does he feel her
She's dreaming of him
so warm beside her
so hard beside her
so gentle beside her
She's dreaming of him
he's touching her
he's whispering
he's kissing her skin
She's dreaming of him
dreaming of her
holding her
taking her

I just had to do the other point of view. See yesterday's poem. ;)

I'm listening to my little Latin playlist. I'm in a mood to listen to songs with words I only barely understand. LOL! I should make a Carlos Ponce icon. He has such beautiful eyes. Hmmm... And there it is. LOL! But that's the best pic I could find of him. And he's wearing sunglasses. Doy! Oh well, I'll keep looking. ;)

We're off to a party today and I bet I get to drive home afterwards. Joyous. :P Anyhoo, should be fun. I should bring my camera, eh? LOL!

The puppy is sleeping on my lap. She's getting big! She's about 8 lbs now. Still short though, but long of course. She's adorable. :D

It's already so warm here and it's not even noon yet! Yikes!

And so that's all for now. LOL!
Tags: poetry
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