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dreaming of her...

He's dreaming of her
so far away
so unreachable
so reckless with her smiles
He's dreaming of her
so sweet on the eyes
so soft to the touch
so innocent inside
He's dreaming of her
so close to him
so easy to hold
so hard to let go
He's dreaming of her
dreaming of him
calling for him
reaching for him...

I'm getting better with the off the top stuff, eh? ;)

Both my teams decided the "L" was better than the "W." Maybe I shouldn't have napped during the games. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. And tomorrow is Mulder for the Cardinals against the Cubbies and Haren for the A's against the Twinkies. :D

It was yet another muggy day in the office. I just wonder, how do people work in such conditions?! The chocolate is low in the jar. The kids kept coming in to check the results from their exit exam. I don't know what an A-F Report will involve for me. Transcripts cost $5!

We went grocery shopping after work. Spent lots of money! But it's good to be stocked in the pantry and refrigerator. :)

Watched two more eps of The 4400. That show is addicting! I love the storytelling. It's pretty cool. And kinda creepy. And just darn fun. LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry
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