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turquoise jeweled water...

Swept away on a breeze
floating like foam on the waves
swaying with the wind in the trees
nature so well behaved
turquoise jeweled water sweet
against the heated skin
the best way to beat the heat
cool and delicious sin

Got this from abbagirl

Okay, so hie thee over to google and do a search for "yournameherelooks like" (make sure you use quotation marks). Post your results.

This is what the name "Valerie" looks like in Japanese
Meanwhile, a trio of Primary Colored (red, blue, yellow) aliens are scoping out the universe in a spaceship which, according to Valerie, looks like a "giant...
Valerie looks like an angel if i were with Valerie in da dark i would light a candle ... Valerie looks like shes a sweet girl inside
"Taberah," he said, "a valerie looks like that because that is what my nation thinks a beautiful woman looks like. I don't know how to explain it, ...
Valerie looks like she'd screw anything that moved, including but not limited to animals, insects, motor vehicles or a particularly windswept tree limb. (Holy crap!!! LOL!)
Valerie looks like a great Cho Chang to me.
Valerie looks like a stallion as usual
Valerie looks like Elle MacPherson and sings like Patsy Cline.

Now that was interesting. LOL!

I can't believe I've been at the high school for a month. (Hey, does that sound weird or what? LOL!) I'm already anxious for this month to be over because I can then enjoy a whole month off from work! I'm told it's going to be BUSY at the beginning of the year. I think I can handle it. Today I did some mailings. Hopefully I did it right. Why is everything a waiting game?

My A's are on, but since it's only the first inning, I think I can take some time to write a little. ;)

Now I don't know what to write. Sad. LOL!
Tags: meme, poetry, slices
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