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sultry touch of night

Let me feel the beauty
the sultry touch of night
swaying with the breeze
of tropical delight
Let me breath the air
heavy and so sweet
intoxicating to the senses
a willing kind of weak
Let me see the stars
the twinkle up so high
shining against the velvet
the untouchable sky
Let me hear the waves
the crash upon the shore
leaving foam upon the sand
then coming back for more...

Yippee for Jason Kendall! :D

My first paycheck came today! Woohoo, I get paid CRAP. But the benefits are most wonderful, so I shall not complain. Too much. ;) It's nice to get paid though. And it's nice to see that I already have over nine hours of vacation time. LOL! And sixteen hours of personal time. Wow. :)

The A's finally won again. This time they shut out the Royals and Jason Kendall hit a homerun! This is his first homer in the A's green and gold. Yippee! :D Too bad I couldn't watch it. No telling how long before he hits another one. LOL!

We're finally back home. I'm so glad. I get to sleep in MY BED. And I'm happy about it.
Tags: poetry, slices
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