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mystery of destiny...

The mystery of destiny
turns the wheels of time
drives moments to memories
keeps uncertainty in mind
Where will this path lead
the question whirls inside
Choose wisely or not
the beauty is in the ride
The mystery of destiny
pushes everything aside
The journey reveals the pieces
leaving so much to hide

We bought two boxes of trading cards this past weekend-- one of Hercules and one of Xena. I love autograph cards and the Herc box had three autographs. I pulled a Kevin Sorbo and Josephine Davison. The hubby pulled Kevin Sorbo. Neat, eh? LOL! Out of the Xena box we pulled Jay Laga'aia and an actor I can't name. LOL! Terrible, I know. :P

Just one more night here and then it's back to our bed at home. I can't wait! I like my bed. Even though our house is a mess, I like being in our own place. :P Silly? Nah.

My A's are trying to score more tonight. Score more buddy boys! Swisher is up to bat. :)

Work was all right today. I didn't have to stay for the scholarship interviews, which is nice. Maybe next year. I might be more comfortable doing more stuff next year. I did a lot of filing, again. So much freakin' filing! It's never ending! I can't wait until school is over and I can wear jeans all the time. It'll be much better for the whole filing thing. :P

Sometimes I wonder who reads my LJ besides the lovelies who comment. I keep hoping someone from Hawaii would read so that I can see a dot on the islands. LOL! I guess I'll have to wait until I go to Hawaii and read my LJ there. Hah! ;)
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