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it's inevitable, so I linger...

me as a sketch

I took the self portrait with my phone under the sketch setting, then fiddled just a bit with it in Photoshop. Not so bad, eh? LOL! ;)

I will linger here
so quietly
unseen and unheard
I will watch you
so silently
waiting for your call
I will bide my time
so patiently
knowing you will need me
it's inevitable
And so I linger
ready and willing
quiet and patient...

I watched two baseball games and took a nap. Nice! I should have caught up with emails, but I'm a lazy chica, so there it is. Oh, and both my teams won. Yah! :D

Let's see, yesterday I bought four CDs! Actually, the hubby bought three of them and then when we went to the store together, I picked up one more. Stand Still by The Wreckers, Best of Chris Isaak by Chris Isaak, Harry on Broadway Act I by Harry Connick Jr and Taking the Long Way by The Dixie Chicks.

I'm still a little torn on the whole Dixie Chicks thing. I've always enjoyed their music, but after their "fall" from country music graces, I've wanted to turn my back on their future endeavors. I don't listen to much country music radio (oh how I miss my days of XM Radio!) but I do like to think I keep up for the most part. I know that the Chicks aren't looked upon kindly by The Establishment and I personally detest when artists turn their backs on the fans and genre that made them, but I still bought the CD because I wanted to look past all the external stuff and just concentrate on the music. Even though the ladies might want to step as far away from country music as they can, they can't help who they are and what they sound like. Maybe I just don't like when artists I like want to turn their back on me. I am a fan of country music and I am certainly not what one would consider a typical image of a country music fan. So don't pit me with the rest of what you think we are. Just let your music speak for itself and let it be. Know what I mean? Otherwise, all the backlashing just makes you seem ungrateful for what you are and what you have. And nothing riles me more than ungrateful and unthankful millionaires who make their bucks living their dream on our money and adoration.

Wow, off the soap box for me!

Chris Isaak always makes me feel things deep inside, so why not a "best of" compilation. Of course, I could just make my own, but I really enjoyed his liner notes. He has a lovely way about him. ;)

The Wreckers - I like Michelle Branch and her foray into Nashville with her friend Jessica Harp sounds pretty good to me. ;)

Harry Connick Jr - It's my mission in life to buy every CD he puts out. Have I ever mentioned that? LOL!
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