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moments of forever linger

Time unmeasured
flows just the same
heedless of our efforts
no matter the game
The past teaches widsom
to our untrained minds
yet everything is new
discoveries ready to find
The future holds uncertaintly
thrills furious and fast
take that step forward
how long will the rush last?
The moments of forever
linger in their own ways
But most often not enough
to keep our hearts in one place...

I had my first workplace dream last night/this morning. I dreamt that I woke up late (the time I'm supposed to leave) and the hubby told me to call in sick. I said something like, "You think? Hey, I do sound sick, don't I?" And then suddenly I'm in my office trying to dial the number to the main office to tell them that I was taking a sick day. But I couldn't dial the number correctly and so I decided to just tell the office manager that I needed to go home. I was dressed in my pajamas (and actually, I don't wear proper pj's to sleep) and I sneezed into my blanket or towel as I made my way down the hall. There were parents lined up by the attendance office. I made it to the main office and told the office manager that I wasn't feeling well and I wanted to go home. She said sure and asked me what my employee number was. I didn't know it and she said she would look it up. Then the dream ended.

Weird, eh?

Last night we watched the repeat of the season finale of Will & Grace. I really enjoyed it. It was a great way to end the show. And I almost cried when Jack and Karen sang their song. It was just too sweet.

Have I mentioned the LOST finale? Oh no, I haven't! It ROCKED. My mind was filled with questions and "ohmygosh" recollections. I really enjoyed it. Let's see, what sticks in my head?

  • Desmond - I really like this character! And it was great seeing his flashback. And I recognized Penny from the defunct US version of Coupling!
  • Michael busted - Why didn't he just ask for their help?! They would have helped him. Somehow!
  • Eko was right - How did he know? Was it just faith?
  • Locke was wrong - And how will his lack of faith affect the coming days?
  • The Others - Wow, "Henry" is the leader type? And they're the "good guys?" Why do I not believe that?
  • System Failure - Holy crap, Desmond crashed their plane! No, it can't be just because of that!
  • The Termination - The light and the sound. What does it mean?
  • Poor Libby - We got to see a little bit more into her backstory. Does her dead husband explain why she was in the same hospital as Hurley?
  • Walt & Michael riding away in the boat - How could he just leave his friends?! Will they be back? Oh dear me!
  • Jack, Kate, & Sawyer - On their knees with bags over their heads. Holy crap!
  • The Phone Call to Pen - This better mean that we see Desmond again. I want to see Desmond again!!!

I'm sure there's more I can say, but we'll leave it at that for now. ;)

Work was all right this week. I feel like I'm at the center of the storm. I know I have lots of work ahead of me, but I can't do any of it right now. But the closer to graduation, the more nervous I get. I need to get things done! But I'm not going to worry about it now because it's my THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! :D

Although, here's something I might elaborate on later: Don't take something from the freezer if it doesn't belong to you. Even if it is just ice cream. It's not really worth suspension, is it?

Oh, and we're housesitting again. Six dogs. Nice.

I keep meaning to email my friends and I've been utterly neglectful. I especially wanted to say hullo to that fella I know down in Southern Cal. I wonder where his work has taken him...
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