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either in joy or despair

He will wait
forever if he must
He knows
nothing else can be done
He will hope
always in his heart
the tide will change
he is so certain
He will dream
the days ahead
will bring her to him
love's blush still warm
He will weep
either in joy or despair
holding her hand
the simple hello
or the heartbroken goodbye...

Filing can be so tedious. And my back is killing me!

Yikes, only 13 more minutes before the season finale of LOST. I'm going to be on the edge of my seat for two hours! Ye gods!!!

The A's are breaking my heart. Swept by the White Sox. What a bunch of crappity crap!

Do I have time to crop a picture of Mulder from the other night, upload it, and post it here before LOST comes on? I should try...

Mulder, all alone on the mound...

And that's all for tonight!
Tags: poetry
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