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pleasure's path

It's only this
a smile
a twinkle in the eyes
just a hint
maybe more
It's only this
a simple hello
idle chatter
with a little tingle
to something more
It's only this
just a kiss
lips to lips
excitement pushing
needing so much more
It's only this
skin to skin
frantic and hot
sweet desperation
can't take it anymore
It's only this
the shattering bliss
to pleasure's path
so pure
there can be no more
It's only this
a secret in whispers
a promise broken
a vow of untrust
yet nothing more...

I'm going to bed after this.

The game last night was disappointing! Well, the effort and the result. Looking past that, I had a good time. Mulder was on the mound (yippee!!!) and I was in my Mulder gear showing him love. Not that he noticed or anything. LOL! Anyhoo, the food was great. I had a hot dog and it just tasted so good!!! And the nachos, yum! We had great seats (thank you Crab Feed!) and most of the Giants fans paid us no mind. I guess it's okay if a chick is wearing the visitor's colors if she's not obnoxious, which of course I am not. ;)

Watching Mulder just makes me miss him most dreadfully. I'm always glad that I can watch him on tv and I TREASURE the two games so far that I've seen in person with him pitching as a Cardinal. But I miss him in the green and gold. How super silly is that? Alas, 'tis my baseball heart's sorrow.

Work has been all right. Third week in and I'm doing all right. I just know I have tons of things to do, but I can only do what I know how to do at the moment. I learn something new everyday. I have too much filing to do. I need to eat at a good time.

Oh, and get this! My current desk belongs to the lady before me. As in she BOUGHT the desk that she used. She was not reimbursed and the desk is going to disappear sometime in the summer (probably while I'm off on break). Is that INSANE or what? What is wrong with this world when schools can't afford to PROPERLY equip not only their teaching staff but the main office staff as well? Ye freakin' gods! And here I thought it was silly of me to consider bringing in my own staple remover and such. Bah! LOL!
Tags: babble, mulder, poetry
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