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gathered tight

rain so gray why fall now
when spring is giving way
to the season next
the clouds gathered tight
the wind howling high
bringing back the memory
of winter's tears
so away rain so gray
leave us to sunshine
to the blue skies
a breeze soft and light...

I miss my sister already. She visited this weekend and I only got to see her on Saturday. Hopefully next time she visits I have more time to spend with her. Alas.

This weather is nutty! But it looks to be clear tomorrow, which is most important because we're going to the Giants/Cardinals game. LET'S GO CARDS! And oh my gosh, guess who's pitching!!! (Clue: my user pic) Tell me, what are the chances that MY FAVORITE PLAYER would be pitching the day we have tickets? I couldn't have planned it if I tried. Needless to say, I'm super excited for the game. :D

We had dinner at Haps this evening. Delicious! :)

Now it's time for bed. Bummer!
Tags: poetry
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