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beautiful untouched

the web spins
each strand fine
catching the light
then disappearing
mere wisps
ready to catch
ready to hold
with untold strength
the threads spin
loose and light
hungry to embrace
longing to capture
beautiful untouched
invisible to the eye...

It's rough sleeping with six dogs surrounding you in different places. Ugh.

We watched the A's lose against the Yankees. Bah! After the game, we headed out to the mall for Mother's Day stuff. I also spent some time using up most of my birthday gift card at Bath and Body Works. I went for the new scents: Pear Blossom, Magnolia Blossom, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. I really like the Pear Blossom. I just realized that they are all blossoms. LOL!

We had lunch at Kasper's and dinner at The Cheese Steak Shop. I know, not so very healthy, but oh so yummy! LOL! :D

Oh, while we were in the mall, we ran into my nephew! He saw me first. How funny is that? LOL! And he introduced me to his friend as his "Aunt Valerie." Awww, how sweet is that? Of course, I had to slightly razz him about whether he got something for his mom. ;)

My Myspace page looks a bit crappy on the Mac. Alas! Sorry to any Mac folks out there. Or maybe it's just my Powerbook? I dunno.

Okay, back to the tv. ;)
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