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lost waiting for you

what have I lost
waiting for you?
my dreams stripped away
my heart slowly broken
time could only deepen
the wound of your silence...
why am I so lost
waiting for you?
my patience worn thin
my hopes fading fast
nothing can soothe
the emptiness of you...
I am not so lost
waiting for you
I will find my way
hoping our paths cross again
so then you can realize
maybe it was you who lost
while I was waiting for you...

I accompanied one of the vice principals to the Pavillion for a meeting on graduation. (I can't believe they're calling it the "Sleeptrain" Pavillion now. LAME!) After the meeting, the vp and I walked around and she explained how she thought the entrance and exit of the graduates should go. We stepped on the stage for a moment but had to get off because they were working on it. (Tomorrow night is the High School Battle of the Bands.) But wow, I got to step on the same stage that Harry Connick Jr. and Duran Duran played. WOW!!! You know, it was just HUGE to me. I should have taken pictures. LOL!

I forgot to mention that I went to the post office yesterday to pick up two things sent from Australia. :) I had ordered The Alice online even though it's not US region DVDs. I'm going to find a way to watch it, don't you worry. ;) Anyhoo, it was Erik Thomson's tv show before his current gig. It'll be neat watching him in something new, as well as his wife. I've only ever seen her in one thing, a Xena episode called "A Good Day."

Some ass clown posted a "dumbass" on my first YouTube upload. What the hell does that mean? I blocked him because I just don't care for that kind of crap. It's obvious I'm just trying it out. Why be mean? I just don't get people sometimes.



You know, just in case.

  • Mr. Eko's dreams are CRAZY! Shocking really. But I especially liked Locke's dream of being Mr. Eko! Now that was most cool! Very freaky. Oh, and Eko's dream of Ana Lucia was kinda sad. And he didn't even know about her dying, yet he dreamt of her wound. How can that be?!

  • What the hell is up with Michael?! He looked so UNCOMFORTABLE when he realized Libby was still alive. Truly, I saw regret. You know he didn't want her to suffer, but he had to do it. Still, WHY?!

  • I love Sawyer.

  • Jack, much as I admire him, is getting on my nerves right now. I don't know why. He just is. I just want him to pick a way to be. He's not keeping the good balance of being tough and caring. He's just annoying. But I think that's just me right now.

  • Sawyer showing Kate his stash. He had it under him the whole time. So obvious! Very cool.

  • Hurley, poor Hurley. He blames himself, of course. But it's not his fault. Well, not really.

  • Omigosh, Mr. Eko met Claire's psychic! What a freakin' coincidence!

  • I like how Eko's brother led Eko and Locke to the Pearl hatch.

  • Whoa, the Pearl hatch. What the heck is it?! And excuse me, but has this whole time been recorded? Will someone see that Michael shot Ana Lucia and Libby? Come on, it has to come out!

  • Alas, poor Libby. She was trying to tell them about Michael but she couldn't. So sad!

  • Sawyer holding Kate as she cried. He looked so sad too, but he probably wouldn't admit it to himself. He looked so good though. Is that just sick of me? LOL!

So Lisa, yes, I did watch LOST and I agree with everything you said. LOL!

Next week, my sister is coming to visit. It'll be good to see her. Whenever she comes out, I always think something will convince her to move back here. I wonder how she'd fare back in California. I wonder if she ever considers it. I know she has a life in Georgia, but I wish she would come back here. I miss my sister.

I still owe some people emails. I will get to it. Promise! (Who am I promising?)

I want to buy some music, most notably the soundtrack to Casanova. I'm in a spending mood! LOL!
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