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lost is almost on...

cool me down
let my heart slow its pace
gentle your sweet touch
while I catch my breath
you have this way
of taking me
higher than my dreams
hotter than summer days
the languid kisses
simmer on my skin
your whispers rest
like a veil against time
let me savor this fall
in the comfort of you...

I don't know what I can write in six minutes! Let's start with...

My A's lost! Bah. The Carinals won! Woohoo for them!... The Giants are losing right now. Oh well for them... It was HOT today. And the office was very very warm. Ugh!... The air conditioner has been on ever since we came home. I'm finally feeling the chill... I have one more day of gas... My dachshund has a loud bark! She doesn't like being in her playpen when we're all out here... I thought Vaughn on Alias was dead. What the hell?! I'm confused or something... I made a profile on YouTube. I don't know why. LOL!...
Tags: babble, poetry
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