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a hopeless kind

This is the only reason I exist
to taste the sweetness of your kiss
To fall headlong into this
A hopeless kind of bliss
I could lose myself in you
It's all I want to do
Let me make you feel it too
All the wonder and the new
You are the reason I am here
nothing has even been so clear
You push away all my fears
and catch my unfallen tears...

I owe emails to my aunt and to a few of my friends. Sadness! But isn't it cool that I correspond with one of my aunts in the Philippines? I think it's neat-oh! She's so interesting to talk with. :)

I want to go to the Xena convention in January. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about being a certain someone's assistant. And oh the fun it would be! I feel it, that it's going to happen. Yes, it will happen. And I will be there. ;)

Work has been all right. It's interesting learning new things but I can't wait until I actually know the job and it's easy. Because it just doesn't seem that hard. Perhaps a bit stressful because of the impending end of school. I feel that if I knew what I was doing, I'd have a much better time with all of it. I'll get to it someday, I'm sure... Oh, and it seems like everyone around me has allergies! I had to take home my birthday flowers yesterday because the lady that works in the office behind me was having severe reactions to the star lilies. Bummer!!! I feel like I'm going to get sick whenever someone sniffles around me. Bah!

My fiction muse has been stirring lately. I'm not really sure why. I don't mind so much. I just need to figure out which story to try my hand.
Tags: babble, poetry
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