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desire on the rise

The slow burn
prickles the skin
starting inside
skimming out
the sizzle slow
blood roaring with heat
The fevered heart
awareness sharp
feeding the fire inside
desire on the rise
So flushed
so ready
so willing
One touch
sparks will fly
One word
let's take it high
Nothing can cool this
not even a kiss
So let's burn it together
we can pretend
this will be forever...

Aloha! We're heading out to Hawaii in October. I'm very excited! The niece is getting married in Oahu, so we're going to start off the vacation with the wedding, then out to Kauai for a week. SPOILED! Not really, we have a timeshare. ;) And we're going to use it! I can't wait to be back in Kauai. I don't know what it is about Hawaii, but it feels like HOME. No other place has felt like that to me.

Work was all right today. I really need to figure out how to do the basic part of my job! I think the rest will fall in line if I can figure the basics out. LOL!

Omigosh, Prison Break is on in 14 minutes. YE GODS!!!
Tags: babble, poetry
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