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what to do on a Sunday...

More dogs in the sunshine!

I forgot to mention that we watched Aeon Flux last weekend. I enjoyed it! It was an interesting movie with an interesting premise. :) The main things I liked were:

  1. Jonny Lee Miller - Several years ago I saw Dracula 2000 and totally fell in love with JLM. It turned out to be a hot and fast kind of thing, but I've maintained a more than passing regard for him. As such, I always enjoy seeing him in different things and so I liked him in this. His character was a bit evil though with a one track mind. Alas for him!

  2. Marton Csokas - As always, I'm always happy to see Xena alum in different things. And although I've never met Mr. Csokas, I've always enjoyed his characters and had that fangirly thing whenever I've spotted him in different parts. I really enjoyed him in this movie because he was a main character and a rather romantic one at that! He did a great job, displaying depth in his character. I was duly impressed.

Everytime I go to the Getaway site, my browser freaks. Is it a Firefox thing? Whatever it is, I'm getting annoyed. :P

I should work on that story from November. I just read the last entry I wrote and it made me want to add more. I guess that's a good thing, eh? I miss writing fiction. But all the poetry sucks some of the creativity out of me. Ah well, such is the lot I have chosen. ;)

Aren't my dogs freakin' cute?! :D
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