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my heart eludes your understanding

Don't say you know me
you haven't a clue
my soul is locked
turned from your prying eyes
Don't tell me you care
inside and out for me
the meaning of my heart
eludes your understanding
Don't cry to hold me
your tears have no power
I've already walked away
kept my dignity intact
You'll never know me
You'll never care
So don't cry for me
Let me fade back
away from here...

Napping and then dinner with my parents. Watched a little baseball. Woohoo for the A's and double woohoo to Mulder on his 100th career win!

We had dinner at Hana Japan in Dublin. Wow, good stuff! :D It's just fun eating that way. You get good food and a show while they cook it. LOL! I had steak and lobster. Mmmmm! My mom had a strawberry dacquiri and I think she got a bit tipsy. Ooops!

It was a nice time. I'm glad we all went out.

with the hubby

dad and mom

After dinner we went to the mall. I spent my birthday money on clothes. LOL! It's all gone. I'm such a spendah. We also checked out Borders and I bought Bad Twin, the book from LOST. I'm also a suckah. LOL!

Got this from abbagirl

<td align="center"> Valerie will go to jail for ...

Performing a strip tease on the street

'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at</td>

Me, stripping? Heck no! And on the street. Hell no! LOL!
Tags: meme, poetry, slices, vids
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