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breath to breath

crave me
deep inside
where desire simmers
hot and sweet to savor
take me
sweep aside the doubts
fill me with only you
the world will disappear
make me
your only thought
your only wish
your only one
keep me
close to you
breath to breath
forever in this moment

spoilers for LOST




Let me just say, HOLY CRAP! Ye freakin' gods!!!

  • Sawyer the Mango Man. Yeah, I like how Ana Lucia had to look up at him when he told her to keep her hands off his mangos. LOL!

  • Sawyer and Ana Lucia's tumble in the jungle. Yeah, we all know why she did it, but WOW! I LOVED how Sawyer had his hand on her hip to keep her still and she kissed him. Hard. Yeah, that's the way you do it.

  • Ana Lucia and Jack's Dad, "Tom." Wow, Jack's dad sure gets around, eh? And who was that woman? The mother of Jack's sister or sister of Jack's sister? Hmmm. Theories abound!

  • Hurley and Sayid. Sayid's part was small, but I felt for him when he mentioned Shannon. :( So sad. But then so cute of Hurley.

  • Hurley and Libby. He's trying so hard! It's so sweet! But you can tell Libby doesn't want him to remember where he saw her. Hmmm.

  • Henry, oh Henry! I like his evilness. The Others wanted Locke? Wowsers!

  • Michael's back! Woohoo! But why didn't I believe his story about The Others?

  • And then there's the end of the ep. The twist. The shocker. Michael takes the gun from Ana Lucia, gets her to reveal the combo, and then shoots her. Just like that. Regret in his expression, but determination too. Then poor Libby! If only Hurley had remembered the blankets!

It was a good ep, I must say. And WOW!!! I totally did not see it coming. Madness!!!

Okay, must go watch Supernatural. Actually, catch up on it. ;)
Tags: lost, poetry
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