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my bday was lovely!

morning rises bright
hills glow with the sunshine's light
the breeze blows so sweet

It was a good birthday.

  • The hubby surprised me with a birthday card with a Bath and Body Works gift card. Sweetness!
  • I didn't have to drive to work. Super sweetness!
  • Work wasn't so bad. I did some stuff that I learned.
  • I have a new email address at work!
  • I cleared out my voicemail but I have no idea what to do with all the messages. LOL!
  • I spotted a teacher from my old high school and a gal who graduated with me who now works at the same high school! We chatted for just a moment. It was weird and kinda cool seeing them. What are the chances? LOL
  • The hubby had flowers delivered to my work. Some of the office folks sang Happy Birthday to me. Awww!
  • We went to the A's game but the A's wouldn't oblige me with a win. Oh well, Bobby hit a homerun for me. I adore him.

So, not a bad day for me. Thank you for all the birthday wishes m' dears!
Tags: poetry, slices
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