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I think it's so cool that Jason Kendall charged the mound today. Rockin'! LOL! Even better that the A's won. Just had to say it. ;) Otherwise, I do not condone violence. Truly.

The former registrar came in for a few hours to get me started on some of the stuff on my desk. She gave me a rundown of some of the duties and showed me how to do some stuff. It's so OVERWHELMING! But I think when I get it down in my head, it'll be all good.

We're watching tonight's last ep and I'm PRAYIN' that Mr. Chris Young wins. He's such a young boy, but so wonderful! Although if Casey Rivers wins, I'm cool with it too. ;)

I can't believe I'm going to be working a new job on my bday! I hope the A's oblige me and win another game while I'm there. :D But even if they don't, I'll be happy because I'm there. Such simplicity.
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