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lock inside

I'd never tell
I can keep a secret
why not try me
each whisper
each touch
each kiss
I'd tuck away
lock inside
leave to dreams
Not a word I'd utter
I'll keep it safe
don't you want to try me
lips to lips
skin to skin
pulse to pulse
No one will ever know
I promise
I'd never tell
I can keep this secret

My cousins took me out for sushi tonight. :) It's our annual sushi thing because that's how I like to celebrate my birthday with them. (My day is Wednesday. I'm going to be old!) I had a great time with them, of course.

a busty pic of me... the chopstick wrapper... my sushi... me and my cousin...

I didn't get a picture with my other cousin. Bad me! I had a lovely time eating and chatting with them. And we seem to talk a lot. LOL! Crazy.
Tags: poetry
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