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if you return to me

if you return to me
fall straight to your knees
I would shake my head
and wish we'd never met
if you return to me
your heart could bleed
but I wouldn't say a word
to assuage your hurt
if you return to me
thinking we could again be
what we once were ago
all you'll hear is no

the beginning of my work day

Twas a good day at work. Yah for no press calls! ;) Other than the interviews in the morning, it was a relatively quiet day. Joyous. :)

True Blood began its season last night. Goodness me, I really really really do like that Alcide fella. When he was growling at Lafayette, I wanted more. Oh, and Eric and his "sister" and their hot reunion-- YOWSA! It was a jam packed episode and perhaps a little frenetic but I liked it!
Tags: poetry
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