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29 May 2012 @ 09:37 pm
just hold out your hand  
just hold out your hand
let that sweet smile curve your lips
welcome me with love


So I was listening to my Pandora at work (Basia radio) and the above song played. I have no idea who they are! Isn't that terrible? The song was nice enough but the album art made me think that I was listening to a group from the 70s. Does Pandora think I'm older than I am? Or am I supposed to know who Collage was? LOL


I woke up feeling like I could have slept another hour or so. If the doxie had been next to me with that face, I think I might have just gone back to sleep. LOL!

My sunburn is quite uncomfortable. Why did I not slather on some sunscreen on Sunday? Curses!

It's nice having a new computer but it sucks to have to transfer all my music. Why do I feel that it's going to consume much time? Oh, and bunches of bandwidth!

Joe Manganiello, sweaty

Seriously, that picture of Joe M. is a jaw dropper. We all know I simply adore Tom Hardy but physically, Joe Manganiello has everything over him. There, I said it. Both are absolutely List worthy and the moment Joe makes me cry in a movie or a show, he's hauling his ass up to the number one spot. Until then, I'll just stare at him and be quite glad that he can't see the drool on my face. Thank goodness I can also say he's a more than decent actor. ;)
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Current Music: If You Ever Come Back - The Script