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waiting in yearning

don't let your gaze linger
let your eyes skip over me
don't wonder about my silence
just give me a chance to flee
inside desire blatant and unyielding
keeps me from walking away
steadfast and waiting in yearning
I should leave and yet I stay
see me and I will fall
softly, so deep into this
reach for me and I will come
oh just let me taste your kiss
such a simple surrender
it would be so easy for you
I'd give in with just a word
say it and you'll know it's true

Yes, 31 minutes until CSI. And Supernatural. And My Name is Earl then The Office. Thursday night tv is just too confusing! I hope that they move Supernatural to a different night or time next year. It's insane trying to keep up. Aaaack!

I must get my CSI fix. I hear Nick has a new hair cut. FINALLY! And I want to see it in HD. Yes indeed.

The A/C is on. Ye gods! This weather has turned quite warm. Loveliness abounds!

I finished that Bad Boys in Kilts book. Ye gods! I love those fellas in that book. Sexy. LOL!

Tomorrow is my last day of unemployment. Omigosh! My free days are over. Alas, did I use them well? Hmmm.
Tags: poetry
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