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03 May 2012 @ 08:13 pm
just another day older  
just another day older
on this third of May
I don’t mind the cloudy skies
the cool breeze feels good
something wild stirs
just beyond the horizon
what awaits
who knows
just another day older
to count my blessings
for every thought my way
brings a smile
along with gratitude
goodness abounds
enough to lift the spirit
right up into sweet dreams
just another day older

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Twas a good day (and it's not over yet). Sure, I had to work but the boss brought me flowers, the husband had an Edible Arrangement delivered to me, and I got lots of FB Happy Birthday wishes. The best of them all was the video of my niece Sydnee singing me a version of Happy Birthday. Now that was just too cute! I so love her!

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful