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Happy Birthday Erik Thomson!!!

Not that he'll read this, but he knows I wish him well. ;) So...


I should really update my website on him, eh? It's in dire need of a revamp. I should have thought of that when I wasn't working. Alas on me!

Besides wishing him a spectacular birthday, wherever he may be, I hope that this time next year the user icon I show off is one of me and him. LOL! Selfish, I know. ;)

I've actually got my IM client on and I'm chatting with one of my friends. It's so early that my cousin isn't even on yet. She's on when she gets to work, I guess. I hope I get internet access when I'm working otherwise it's depending on the Treo for email and such.

The puppy is draped across my lap asleep. She smells like hot chocolate. How can that be? LOL!

A red rose at the other house...

I will miss the roses at the house in Salida. The backyard, though it's smaller than our current home's yard, is so shady. And the wind rustles through the trees and sounds so lovely. I'll miss that too.

A yellow rose

The gardener needs to clean up in the backyard though. Bad of him to not keep it up! I bet he saw that the house was empty and figured no one would notice. Terrible.

My Touareg!

Have I ever put a picture up of my new (to me) vehicle? Well, there it is after I got it washed at the Prime Shine. I'm going to miss the Prime Shine too. GREAT car wash and affordable. They don't have those out here. Alas.

front yard flower

Our Salida house has many pretty flowers and such. I'll miss that too.

My friend and I are talking about hot guys. LOL! How typical of us. Love it!

Oh look, my cousin is online now. LOL! I should IM her too. :P
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