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Happy April 1st!

I wonder if I just need to not write poems on the weekend. I owe my LJ three poems. You're probably going to get haikus.

Poem number one:
she dreams sultry dreams
tasty kisses and warm sighs
promising delight

Poem number two:
he waits and watches
wondering what it will take
to bring her to him

Poem number three:
stars twinkle above
destiny in the moonlight
the soft breeze whispers

Week 6 Rugby
Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter was back on the pitch for the Crusaders! Ahhh, rugby. My second love in the sports world. :) And I do adore Carter in the number 10 jersey, hence my follow of the Crusaders... The Crusaders won their week six match. Yah!

#picstitch #SRSTOBUL so much pink. Not sure if I'm cheering for any one team...
Stormers v Bulls

I started watching the next match, the Stormers and Bulls. Yeah, the Bulls are in the pink. So weird, right? They ended up losing.
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