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25 March 2012 @ 07:35 pm
tell me how  
tell me how
you'll heal
that broken heart
without moving
without crying
without letting go
tell me how
you'll live
cold in solitude
without laughter
without light
without hope
tell me how
you'll love
once more
without seeing
without touching
without feeling

Muse, where are you? Why am I forsaken?

I started watching my recording of the Crusaders v. Cheetahs yesterday but I didn't finish. I still don't know who won. (I'd watch it right now but the hubby is watching a movie.) Daniel Carter was back in uniform. I wonder if he played. He was on the bench, so who knows! (Well, I'd know if I'd just finish watching the recording...)

Because I don't know who reads this (i.e. any of my "real life" peeps), I find that I'm stopping myself from venting a little. I'd change this to a f-locked post but I'm lazy. So do I say vague things or just talk about other things? Let's go with other things, like TV!

Smash - I like this show a lot more than I thought I would. I like the behind-the-scenes vibe but Julia's storyline has me rolling my eyes. Her stupid moves make me want to scream and I find that I don't appreciate Michael's talent as well as I could. I bought the one song, "History is Made at Night," and I am so in love with it and he sounds so good but I don't like him on the show. UGH! Ivy is growing on me. Karen is lovely. And I LOVE Derek and his I-don't-give-a-crap attitude. Ellis can take a hike for all I care. It's fun watching Tom navigating the dating scene and is he interested in the one dancer dude now? Hmmm. Anyhoo, LOVE this show. The music is great too. Like I said, I'm in love with "History is Made at Night." Give it a spin if you get the chance...

Grimm - Yah, Grimm is getting another season! I really really like this show a lot. I like Nick and wonder how long he'll be able to keep his supernatural duties from his partner Hank and his lady love Juliette. It can't last for long, can it? How will they react when they find out, if they do? I like Monroe, of course. He's a hoot and full of wisdom and dry quips.

Once Upon A Time - Another show I really really like. I actually chose Grimm as my new season fantasy/supernatural show but we caught up on OUAT on Hulu Plus. (Shoutout to the studios who utilize Hulu Plus! What better way to hook people to new shows? You are all doing something right. More studios and shows need to do this!!!) Anyhoo, I love the way this show takes well known fairy tales and spin them with modern touches and twists. The twists are great! Like Ruby's story, didn't see that coming! I love how deliciously evil Regina is. I can't wait to find out more of her backstory. And Mary Margaret is so sweet but not in a sickening way. And Mr. Gold, wow! Sorry to say, I think it's a good thing SG:U was cancelled to free Robert Carlyle for this role. He's FANTASTIC.

Revenge - The best guiltiest pleasure show out there! When is it coming back?! This was another show we caught on Hulu Plus. Victoria is to die for and Emily is steely in her plans. Great show.

GCB - I don't know why we started watching this show but now that we have, I'm hooked. It helps that David James Elliot looks good in a cowboy hat. Seriously. Oh, and I think Marisol Nichols is so pretty. Kristin Chenoweth is a HOOT as Carlene. I'd put this show in the guilty pleasure stack. ;)
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Current Music: SMASH Cast - History Is Made At Night (SMASH Cast Version) [feat. Megan Hilty & Will Chase]
May Robinson: Boys Sneakymay7fic on March 26th, 2012 03:15 am (UTC)
The only show you listed I watch is Smash. I agree with you re: Julia's storyline. I know there are women out there that are *that* idiotic but that doesn't make her plight relatable to me, especially at her age, and I just want to shake her!

I tried all the others (not GCB yet) but only first eps and none grabbed me at first watch. Same for hubby. We're likely missing out on some good stuff but that's okay. I've only just started watching The Wire this year after all LOL.

We can't watch Hulu up here. Such a shame :(
Valerie: jared and jensenvaleriejoy on March 26th, 2012 03:58 pm (UTC)
Julia has done stupid things during the course of the show and I really can't relate to her at all. Maybe it's because we saw her family life first and she seemed relatively happy. It just doesn't make sense that she would do what she's been doing. And Michael too. It's just off somehow.

We watch a lot of tv. Keeps us out of trouble. I didn't even get to Alcatraz and The Finder as well as on going shows like Fringe, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, etc. We watch lots of TV!
May Robinson: Bradley Jamesmay7fic on March 27th, 2012 02:44 am (UTC)
Maybe it's because we saw her family life first and she seemed relatively happy. It just doesn't make sense that she would do what she's been doing. And Michael too. It's just off somehow.

Absolutely agree. I can understand the pull of an old flame but she's not 21. Hell, at her age I'd hope she has more self-respect than that and respect for Michael's family as much as her own. I really don't get it?

I haven't watched tonight's ep yet and hubs and I have missed another one along the way. Didn't Bernadette Peters guest on one? If so, we've missed it.

We are TV watchers too though, on my own I'm not, so I usually give hubby control of the flicker. I'll record stuff he's not interested in and watch it on my own time (Merlin, as an example. Hubby loves fantasy but doesn't like "the liberties" taken with this version). And SPN. He used to watch it with me but my obsession with it made him uncomfortable LOL so I'm on my own there - which is fine ;)
Valerie: sawyer glassesvaleriejoy on March 27th, 2012 01:42 pm (UTC)
The whole Julia/Michael storyline just doesn't make sense to me. I think they said that they had an affair 5 years ago? So that means she's already cheated on her husband. If Michael wasn't married, I might understand his desire for Julia but he's not, so the whole thing is just a little despicable. And it totally colors my appreciation for his singing talent.

Bernadette Peters was last week's ep, I think. So you might only be two behind now? ;)

I've been a very bad Jensen fangirl and have only watched the first season and part of the second of SPN. I don't even know why! I like the show whenever I watch it but I just haven't sat down to watch it. The hubby doesn't care either way about it so I'm the one who needs to just watch it. I think if I watched it with devotion I'd be churning out fanfic at an alarming rate. LOL!
May Robinson: Jensen Dazzling (VanCon '09)may7fic on March 28th, 2012 03:22 am (UTC)
We caught up with Smash tonight. I hope the breakup between Julia and Michael stands. I might even start liking her again if it does ;)

As for SPN, I've been over my love of it longer than I was passionate about it. I still record each ep on my DVR "for reference" in case I ever get inspired to write again but I'm pretty sure the creative decisions made by Kripke and crew killed my SPN muse a long time ago LOL. I doubt there's hope of it resurfacing. But, it will always hold huge place in my heart. The Dean I fell in love with reminded me so much of my husband in his youth, I honestly think SPN helped reignite the spark I had with hubby. I think that was one of the reasons hubby stopped watching the show... he saw the similarities too and it made him uncomfortable LOL. The torment Dean has gone through over these years though has been too much for me to stomach :( And this coming from someone who loves angst and hurt/comfort!

Having said that, I am a Jensen fan. From Dark Angel, SPN, 10 Inch Hero and seeing him on stage in A Few Good Men. He's positively stunning and I think he's a stellar actor. I want SPN to end so that he can do more diverse roles though I know that he's happy with the steady paycheck and I don't mean that to sound critical. I don't believe he's selling out. I think he's a working stiff with a great gig who's working with people he loves and who has enough experience to know that other sets aren't as much fun to be on. I respect that sensibility. But personally, I just want to see more from him. So, in the meantime, I watch each ep to watch him in action. And to watch him ;)
Valerie: jensen bwvaleriejoy on March 28th, 2012 01:30 pm (UTC)
We caught up on Smash last night too! LOL! I also hope the breakup stands. It just seems so wrong otherwise.

I love the way Jensen plays Dean. I would love to see him do more things too. He has such range and would so light up the big screen. I'm glad SPN has lasted as long as it has but for some reason I keep putting off watching it. Maybe I'm afraid of Jensen overload? Is that even possible? LOL I bet if I watched the show, he'd still be in my number one. Maybe. ;)
May Robinson: Jensen 3.16 Bicepsmay7fic on March 28th, 2012 10:21 pm (UTC)
Is there really such a thing as Jensen overload LOL?

I'm terrible... I can't even really recommend it anymore. :( Man, does he still do magnificent work though.
Valerie: jensen arms crossedvaleriejoy on March 29th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I could probably overload on Jensen. I'm afraid to test it. LOL!

It scares me that longtime viewers of SPN might feel as you do. Perhaps if I start from the beginning, I'll be get so attached that I won't mind whatever creative directions the show veered into just to watch Jensen...