Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

each breath draws a smile

how sweet the morning
so fresh with a chill quite slight
each breath draws a smile

I like how Holli is so small behind me...

This morning's walk was chilly but fresh. Certainly makes for pretty pictures in places.

Twas a short day at work. The only bad thing was that I had to walk home and my legs were sore. Boo!

Once home, I watched a bit of tv and played on the computer. I watched a couple of eps of How I Met Your Mother and one of the eps had Joe Manganiello! So young. LOL But cute too. ;)

#picstitch caught Joe Manganiello on HIMYM

The hubby came home and we headed out to Livermore to have dinner with the MIL.

chicken caesar pannini and fries

We watched Fringe and I loved the end! A good episode. I hope the show gets renewed. It's one of my favorites!
Tags: poetry
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