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he must see it in her eyes
the unspoken promise
he only needs to step closer
until an inch before touching
he'll feel it on his skin
her heat so tantalizing
he'll reach for her without a word
her body craving his caress
but he doesn't move
not yet
he's still unsure
and it's up to her
to close the space
between them...

I bought a book today. It has three stories and I'm already nearly finished with the second story. Damn those romance novels! Why do I love them so?! Bad Boys in Kilts. Isn't that a cheesy title? LOL! Scottish brothers and the women they romance. The dialogue is very Scottish. I'm hearing it while I'm reading it. Nicely done. ;) And I thought of Erik Thomson when I saw "kilts." LOL!

I meant to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Rachel. I'm sure she's not reading this because she's rarely online, yet I missed her IM today. Sorry Ms. OT! I'll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Erik tomorrow, even though if he's down under, the day has probably already passed. Bah.

I forgot to say earlier that I had a dream last night/this morning about dancing with someone to the song "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" by Gary Allan. I was trying to sing it, but I kept forgetting the words. And I'm not quite sure who my dancing partner was. Strange, eh? :P

Reading makes me want to write. But write what? My lazy days are so numbered now. If I start writing a story, it's going to have to fit in somewhere in my free time. Alas. Why do I do this to myself? Silly. Ah well, I still have my poetry. ;) And I am determined to do my poetry!

Oh wahlee, I think I've forgotten too much of Prison Break to do a proper rundown of it. Here's what I remember (SPOILER ALERT FOR PRISON BREAK!):




  • Lincoln was saved from sure death at the hands of the secret service guy by his father! The elder Burrows is part of The Company. Or was. He tried to save Lincoln, but things happened and Lincoln had to surrender to the police to save himself from secret service man. Alas.

  • Michael & Sara KISSED. Like a romance novel kissed!!! He was really after her keys, but I think he was too caught up in having actually kissed her that he couldn't betray her in such a way. Instead, his wife Nika pilfered the keys from the good doctor. But Sara is very suspicious and knows that something is up.

  • Abruzzi is back! He's a changed man. Or so he'd like everyone to think.

  • Nick is somehow involved with Abruzzi!!! Nick got a call and it was Abruzzi! Ye gods!

Wow, a lot really happened. I'm sure I'm missing something. But those are some of the highlights.

LOST was not what I expected. Bah. We recorded it just to watch the end. Aack!

I want to go to sleep but I want to write. Dilemna.

My browser is stuck. Bastards.

Ohhhh! I just watched video of Erik Thomson's bit on Tauranga for his show Getaway. Neat-oh! I need to check out more of the videos for Erik. LOL! :D
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